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16th June 2024 

Fertility Counselling

Fertility treatment can be an emotional journey and may affect your personal relationships. Anyone facing the stress and uncertainty of trying to conceive may feel as if their life is on hold and they cannot plan a way forward. They may also feel no-one can understand what they are going through. We offer a confidential, sensitive, supportive and informed space to explore the long-term and short-term consequences of infertility and treatment. This can help you to gain a better understanding of the potential implications of your decisions and to make choices that are right for you. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) recommends counselling as an integral part of fertility treatment.

Implications Counselling
We provide an emotionally safe place for you to reflect on the treatment you are undertaking and the impact on you and your family now and in the future. The aim is to explore the social, ethical and legal implications and the welfare and needs of the future child. The HFEA Act 1990 requires implications counselling to be offered to recipients and to anyone wishing to donate sperm, eggs and embryos before fertility treatment begins. We offer implcations counselling to individuals or couples

Supportive/Therapeutic counselling
Fertility treatment and investigations can be invasive, expensive and place emotional and financial pressure on relationships. Fertility counselling can support you through each step of the fertility journey and help you explore and cope with any fears, anxieties, distress or emotional difficulties. Infertility may give rise to feelings of grief and sadness and we offer support before, during and after treatment .

Fees: £65 per session

Please contact us at:

Held In Mind Therapies Llp
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Hertfordshire SG12 8HG

Heather Brennan
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We are qualified fertility counsellors and members of the National Fertility Society (